in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve’s buffer zone

Plant your tree

Participate in the reforestation of the Monarch region, plant your tree or give it as a gift. You choose the name you want for it.

Participate in the reforestation of the monarch region

During the reforestation, we will plant the tree with the name you choose. It can be your name or that of a person you want to give it to. You will receive a letter with the photograph of the planted tree and a diploma certifying that it has been planted. Both will carry information of the tree coordinates since it will be georeferenced on a map. For two years you will receive an annual follow-up photo so that you can see its growth.

  • Customize

    Select a name for the tree you will plant and adopt filling out a simple form and participate in reforestation

  • Locate

    receive a certificate will be emailed to you or the person you are giving the tree to, with a welcome letter that includes name assigned to the tree, species, age, latitude, longitude and exact location in gmaps of the nursery in which the tree you adopted grows.

  • Participate

    Communities and Alternare A.C. will, hand in hand, follow up on the reforestation and maintenance of your tree.

  • Locate

    Once reforested, we will send you an email with a photograph of your tree, a certificate with: name assigned to the tree, species, age, latitude, longitude and exact location in gmaps of the tree you adopted.

  • Monitor

    We will take care of your tree and annually take georeferenced photos that we will share with you so you can track the tree you adopted.

I want to plant my tree!

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When we restore a forest, we are part of something much bigger. We are committed to a better future. We build a better world for the health of our children and future generations. By planting and managing our forests sustainably, we create new spaces where plants and animals can grow and develop. We encourage economic activity that creates jobs and allows for a better life.



By planting a tree in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, you will contribute to a major forest restoration effort. We will collaborate with the Carpinteros indigenous community in the reforestation and the sustainable management of almost 300 hectares of forest in the Monarch region.

The forests of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve (MBBR) provide the necessary climate for the successful overwintering of this emblematic species. Some of the main threats that affect these forests and the wonderful migratory phenomenon, are climate change, forest degradation and land use changes (CONANP, 2018). The buffer zone is an area in the Reserve where forest conservation, regeneration, sustainable management, and reforestation strategies are required. The partnership between the indigenous community and Alternare, will allow us to work in a coordinated way to monitor and guarantee a survival rate of 90% in each of the reforestations and thus contribute to the protection of the ecosystem conditions that the monarch butterfly requires to hibernate in Mexico.

Alternare’s team along with Carpinteros indigenous community, will geoposition the trees you plant. We will send you to an email to the address you enter on this platform with the exact data of the location of the tree so that you can view it in Google Maps.

Train people and provide support though the entire reforestation process, from the selection of the land, production of the trees, to the monitoring for three years to ensure the survival of the trees planted. They will also purchase all of the materials required for these activities.

Forests help sustain life on the planet. They clean our water, they filter our air, they cool our planet. Trees offer shelter and rest, shade and shelter. That is why the name of our initiative is called WeAreForest.
By being part of WeAreForest, you will help improve an important watershed that supplies clean water for millions of people, as well as protect 132 bird species, 56 mammals (SEMARNAT, 2000) and 423 vascular plants (Cornejo-Tenorio et al., 2003). Likewise, the habitat is home to endemic organisms such as the salamander (Pseudoeurycea belli), the ajolote (Ambystoma rivulare) and species subject to special protection such as pine (Pinus martinezii).

Yes, with the data you enter when planting a tree, we will send you a tax-deductible receipt.

Thank you for caring for the forests and the conservation of the monarch butterfly’s migratory phenomenon led by the communities! To help us reach our goal, click here(link to adoption). Your support will help us plant trees and protect and restore forests in the location you choose, or you can choose to let us decide where more funds are needed.

Want to give a tree to someone special and help the monarch butterfly?



of this huge forest restoration effort

Our goal is for Carpinteros indigenous community to be able to maintain and plant more than 300 hectares of forest in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. It’s a huge number, but we know we can do it with your help!

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Through BosqueSomos we want to offer you an alternative to get involved in the construction of a sustainable future and the regeneration of the ecosystems that host the wonderful migratory phenomenon of the monarch butterfly.

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